Thursday, May 31, 2012

Nature's Totally Natural Facelift


How can you get a facelift that's permanent and totally natural?  A facelift that needs no plastic surgery, no medicine, no creams, no massage.  A completely natural facelift that actually works, and that requires no effort - or to rephrase - that requires no physical effort.  What it does require is WILLPOWER, and the simple question is, "Do you have the willpower?"

All that you need to do is to exercise two muscles at the back of your head.

It's truly amazing that something so simple should be so little known, and indeed, such a big secret.  The media never mentions it.  You never see it discussed on the morning shows.  Plastic surgeons don't seem to have heard of it.  All those movie stars spending fortunes on surgical facelifts haven't heard of it.  Yet it's a completely natural facelift.  A gift from nature, requiring nothing more than a little self-discipline.

Just think how much money is spent by women (and men these days) on surgical face lifts.  How much is spent on beauty treatments.  Whole industries existing solely to make our faces look younger.  And yet nature has given us the secret to get all of this for free and with so little effort, and NO-ONE KNOWS ABOUT IT!  So what's the secret ?  



At the back of your head there's a pair of muscles; one on each side of the head just behind the ears.  They're called the occipitalis muscles - AND THEY NEED TO BE EXERCISED.  If you try to find them you probably won't be able to, because in most of us the muscles have become atrophied. 

You have to rediscover them.

So that's where the muscles are located.  But how do you go about finding them?


The first step is to learn to "wiggle" your ears.  Sounds strange but read on -

When you tighten your occipitalis muscles, you also tighten your forehead, and you tighten the area around the top and sides of your eyes - (note: don't raise your eyebrows. In fact you must resist that tendency.) - and simultaneously your ears get pulled back.

So place your fingers in the general area of the muscles and try to detect the muscles as you attempt to move your ears back.  It'll take some time, so be patient.

When you release the tension on your occipitalis, your forehead will relax and your ears will move forward.  That's what the trick of wiggling your ears is all about - you alternately tighten and relax the occipitalis muscles, making your ears move backward and forward, and the faster you do this the faster your ears move.  Don't laugh.  That's part of the exercise.


Once you've learnt to do this, the next step is to tighten your occipitalis muscles and KEEP THEM TIGHT.  Don't relax them.  It's as if you begin the process of wiggling your ears but stop half way.  Keep the occipitalis muscles tight for as long as you can.  This tension will keep your forehead tight and the area around your eyes tight!   At first you'll maintain this tension for a few seconds, later for a few minutes, even for  a few hours.  But don't worry.  You won't have to keep up the tension for that long.  Sporadic tension is enough.  It keeps you from furrowing your forehead, and that in itself is all you need.  When you begin to furrow your forehead you will instinctively pull back on the muscles.  It'll become as easy as flossing, driving a car, or watching TV.   

So there it is.  By keeping these muscles tensed, you keep your forehead and the area of the eyes tight.  That is the secret; and it's nature's totally natural facelift.

Best of all it's free.

And now that you know the secret, the rest is up to you.  Do you want a forehead of 'frozen furrows', drooping eyelids etc?

Or do you want to have control of how you look?!

Think of all the people exercising and building up their body muscles in all the health clubs all around the country, and not one of them exercising their forehead muscles!  Incomprehensible!

If you get discouraged, keep this in mind, that learning the secret and mastering the method is just like learning to ride a bike; you learn it once, but it's your's forever.

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