Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Year 1515. "I didn't know the gun was loaded".


In the year of Our Lord 1515, on the day of the Three Holy Kings (January 6), there was a certain young citizen of Augsburg in Constance who invited a handsome whore, and when she was with him in a little room, he took up a loaded gun in his hand, the lock of which functioned in such a way that when the trigger was pressed, it ignited itself and so discharged the piece (a wheel lock).   Accordingly he played around with the gun and pressed the trigger and shot the whore through the chin, so that the bullet passed out through the back of her neck.  So he had to compensate her and give her 40 florins and another 20 florins per annum for life.  He also paid her doctor 37 florins, and the other costs amounted to some 30 or 40 florins.

From 'Chronica Newer Geschichten' by Wilhelm Ren, Under the title, 'How Laus Pfister Shot a Whore in Constance'

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